How to make time to bake.


How to find time to bake


Finding the time to bake is one of the biggest hurdles to getting started.


By the time you’ve completed all the priority tasks on your to-do list, you just want to put your feet up and enjoy a moment to yourself.


But you just know that once you’ve settled down on the sofa, and you’re all cosy and relaxed, that annoying niggle to use your time to bake instead, will stop you from truly enjoying your moment. Especially if you’ve been dodging the kids’ requests to bake for a while.



That first step.


It’s like going to the gym. You know you should make good on your promise to the kids, and you know you’ll be so glad you did.


When it’s over. 😀


You just need to take that first step.


So how do you find the motivation to trade YOUR time in front of the telly with a cuppa, for more time cooking and cleaning?


When even the thought of the kids with their proud little faces, or that sense of achievement you’ll feel when you serve your bake, still isn’t enough to rouse you from your chair.


It’s time to get creative!


Decorated cupcake

One of the easiest, and quickest, ways of making time to bake is to find recipes that you can repurpose. This can result in you actually SAVING time.


Huh!!?? How is that even possible?


Create a routine that baking naturally fits into and you could feed two birds with one scone (a shameless pun I know!).


How does it work?


3 meals a day, snacks, plus dessert. IF the kids have behaved.

The promise of dessert is a huge bribery tool in our house. Don’t judge me.


It’s no wonder there’s no time to bake. You’ve exhausted yourself by churning out all that ☝🏾food not to mention everything else you’ve been doing.


What you need is a core recipe. One that is the basis for multiple others.


I’m not talking about eating the same dinner for 3 days in a row. Unless you want to of course.


Just one recipe that is quick to prepare and can make at least 5 other recipes.


A recipe like pizza dough.


I know what you’re thinking.


It takes ages just to get it in the oven! All that resting, and kneading and more resting. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. Right?


Not when you use a 15min no yeast, no knead pizza dough recipe like this one from Bigger Bolder Baking. This is the recipe I use with some slight modifications, which I’ve shared at the end of this blog.


In 15 mins or less, your dough is made, your bases are ready for sauce and toppings and then in just 15-20mins, you’ll have homemade pizzas on the dinner table. And what kid doesn’t like making pizzas. So you’ve got a guaranteed sous chef too with this one.

Meal 1 done!


Now for the creative bit.


5 Bakes 1 Dough


It’s just as easy to make 2 or 3 batches of pizza dough as it is to make one. Whilst you’re using this time to bake you may as well squeeze as much out of it as you possibly can.


You can either freeze the dough, wrap in cling film, and pop it into a freezer bag




You can get all your baking out of the way in one go, prepare all your bakes, and then freeze them ready to be reheated as and when you need them.



So what can you make with your dough that isn’t more pizza?


  1. Breakfast fruit slices (Image above) – Parcels of dough filled with oats, groundnuts, and frozen or fresh. Serve warm for breakfast with Greek Yoghurt and honey or these can also double up as a dessert.
  2. Scrambled egg and cheese pockets (Image above) – Scramble eggs with peppers, onions, and cheese, season well and place onto squares of dough, fold into triangles and bake. Fill with whatever you like for a tasty and filling breakfast, lunch, or light dinner.
  3. Deconstructed kebabs (Image above) – My kids love these! Chicken and veg skewers with the dough twisted around the skewer, serve with rice or cous cous and salad.
  4. Pot pies – Fill individual ramekins with your favourite pie filling or even leftovers and top with a circle of dough.
  5. Calzones – Along the same lines as pizza, but different enough to be classed as a meal in its own right. Tomato sauce and your favourite pizza toppings and cheese wrapped in a dough parcel before baking.
  6. Dessert turnovers (Image above) – Your favourite sweet filling wrapped in dough, anything from apples and cinnamon to coconut and raisins. Serve warm with ice cream if the kids have been REALLY good!
  7. Cheesy herby garlic flatbreads – Roll out dough into a flat oval and brush with garlic herb butter before baking. Add your favourite cheese towards the end of the baking time for really cheesy garlic bread.


One afternoon of baking.

One lot of cleaning up

Seven, yes seven, different baked goods


You could even stretch these ideas into 2 weeks’ worth of meals by varying the fillings and toppings. The recipe is so versatile.


Just think about how much time you would have spent creating these 7 meals individually.


All that time you’ve saved.


Who’s a domestic goddess now!




My tips for the bigger bolder baking pizza dough recipe


  1. I find 200ml of water with 2 tablespoons of oil gives the dough a nice workable consistency.
  2. I reduce the amount of salt to 3/4tsp as I find 1tsp is a bit too salty for me particularly if you are using the dough for some of the sweeter recipes.
  3. Roll out the dough between sheets of clingfilm to avoid messing up your work surface with additional flour, and sticky dough.
  4. Whilst by no means essential I find chilling the dough for 45-50mins makes it easier to roll out and reduces spring back.


If you’re a busy mum who’d love more useful tips on how to make time to bake join my FREE Facebook group, Busy Mums Baking where you can get your baking questions and problems answered and pick up some great advice from like-minded community members.



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