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Baking classes for kids – no fuss, no mess, just fun

Do you inwardly shudder when the kids ask to bake? Perhaps you’ve tried using online baking classes that are too complicated and you end up with flour everywhere and kids who don’t make it past the first instruction on the recipe.

If that sounds like you AND you are looking for a simple solution so you can create happy memories with your children, as well as pass on a great life skill, then you’ll love my online resources.

What makes these baking classes for kids different?

Not only are my online classes fun and easy-to-follow, but they are also educational. Within each recipe is at least one scientific concept that you can learn with your kids.

You’ll discover what makes a cake rise, how yeast works to create a risen loaf of bread, the role of sugar in cake making, it’s not just for sweetness, and much more. Each recipe also comes with a related kitchen science experiment to help embed the learning and what’s more its all done in an easy, fun way where it doesn’t end in tears.

If you dread the mess of baking, I share simple solutions for that too.

So, what have you got to lose?

Remove the barriers to baking joy

As a mum myself, I know just how much enjoyment children can get from making their own cakes, biscuits, cookies and other yummy baked goods. Having baked with my mum and gran as a child, I have happy memories of us baking together.

Baking with kids can be stressful if you aren’t organised or feeling confident yourself. That’s where my classes and resources can help. The step-by-step recipes explain the science behind each step so you can understand what is happening and why.

You’ll also get access to a super supportive Facebook group of other mums, nans and carers who discuss their bakes, give advice, share what went well, or not so well. They also post some wonderful pictures of what they’ve made with their families.

The bakes don’t always turn out perfectly, but that’s not important. What mums do say is that they had a lot of fun, the kids loved the sessions, and the mess was much less than they imagined.

To find out a bit more about the Facebook group and the online baking classes for kids, you can watch this video.

If you’d like to join the group and meet some other baking mums and kids, we’d love to have you.

“Kerry was a great host to our Christmas Cupcake Decorating class over video call. Her instructions were very clear and she gave brilliant context about why we were doing each step, and even had alternative ideas we could try next time. With Kerry’s positive encouragement, I had six lovely floral iced cupcakes at the end of the session, which looked totally adorable! Thanks Kerry!”

Rowena Kinghorn

From time to time we also do mini baking events in the group and these are really popular with the children, as well as the mums. It’s not Bake-Off though, because we are all just there to support and encourage each other. We’re not trying to be the next Mary Berry; it’s just about doing your best, having fun and making those priceless memories with your kids.

We’ve baked soda bread, jam tarts, muffins, Christmas biscuits and mince pies to name a few.

What would you like to try baking?

My online baking classes also make for great parties or even charity events. If you have an event, such as a child’s birthday coming up, why not book something a bit different to keep them entertained for an hour?

“Kerry hosted a live bake-along event on Zoom for our charity – The Human Milk Foundation’s 2nd Birthday celebration. It was a wonderful event which brought families together at a time when many have had to shield and isolate during COVID-19. We could not be more grateful to Kerry for teaching us all how to make a delicious cookie layer cake – her skill and expertise was evident throughout the event and her explanation of the science behind baking was absolutely enlightening. The end result was fantastic – successful layer cakes were achieved all round! We would not hesitate to recommend Kerry – thank you so much.”

Asmaa Shariff, Director of Projects and Events, Human Milk Foundation

“Thank you so much for the fantastic Christmas cupcake making course. I’ve never tried properly decorating with icing and was blown away by the results. Even better, the cupcake and icing recipes you gave us are the best I’ve ever made as well! I’ll be using the techniques and recipes for years to come!”


If you would like access to my online science-based baking classes for your kids, then click here or if you have more questions, please get in touch at

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