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Stunning Celebration Cakes For All Occasions

Stunning Celebration Cakes For All Occasions

Online Baking Classes

Fun, educational online baking courses for you and the kids. 

If you’re a mum fed up with not being able to make more than a plain fairy cake or you want to bake with your kids, but the thought of all the clearing up afterwards holds you back from taking the plunge, then you’re in the right place.

Baking doesn’t have to feel like another chore. When you understand some simple baking science concepts, it’s as easy as pie!

Knowing what your doing and why, means you can recognise when things aren’t quite right in time to fix them. Then you can experience the joy of taking 4 basic ingredients – flour, butter, eggs and sugar – and turn them into the most delicious cakes, breads, biscuits and pastries.

Many of my clients tell me that their biggest barriers to baking are:

  1. The mess
  2. Lack of confidence 
  3. Knowing where to start

Perhaps you feel that way too?

Maybe you want to start baking or bake more with your kids, but you find it stressful, it sucks up too much precious time and it often ends in tears – yours and theirs?

Don’t worry – you aren’t alone. In my closed group Busy Mums Baking, you’ll find loads of support from myself and other mums who felt the same way and are now loving baking and gaining confidence every week. For even more support check out my online baking resources.



School Workshops

Bring baking into the classroom as part of your science curriculum

With a background in chemistry and a love of all things baking, I combined my skills to create a range of off-the-shelf and tailored workshops for schools to help them cover the science curriculum through the medium of baking – what could be more fun?

“The baking workshop was fantastic! The children were able to bake healthy cupcakes and were able to understand the importance of each ingredient in the baking process.”

Suffolks Primary School

Find out how your school can book termly or one off workshops with all the resources managed for you by completing an enquiry form today.

Designer Cakes

Designer cakes from weddings to birthdays

If you’re looking for that centrepiece cake to make your guests go ‘Wow!’ then check out my gallery

“When I look at our photos and see the cake I am still gobsmacked. It was and still is the most amazing cake. Wow! Will never forget the feeling I had when I walked into that room saw it standing there. Totally amazing piece of art!!!!”

Melissa Suttling

Whatever your occasion, you want something to turn heads and make mouths water. Attention to every detail is the key to success when it comes to making a celebration cake that will be remembered long after the last slice has been eaten.

Complete an enquiry form today – the first ingredient in your recipe to a great cake for your occasion.

I can also be contacted on the number above, but I’m often up to my elbows in cake batter or dough, so please leave me a message and I’ll respond within 2 working days.



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