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Science Workshops – bringing science to life through baking

Science workshops for primary schools tend to deliver the content using very traditional experimentation methods.

As a qualified chemist with over 20 years’ experience working in a large pharmaceutical company, I’ll work with you to bring science to life in your classrooms in a very accessible way, through interactive baking workshops. Over the past couple of years, I’ve worked with a variety of schools to share my love of baking with primary age pupils and I have honed my lessons so that they are accessible and enjoyable for all.

Most children love to get hands-on with baking. KS1 pupils can enjoy learning about science, as well as some history and geography through the fun and engaging baking tasks which explain simple concepts such as the reactions that makes bakes rise.

For KS2 pupils, the lessons are more in-depth when it comes to the science and align to learning outcomes in the National Curriculum. Why learn about chemical reactions from a book or a whiteboard when you can get them baking and they can see it happening as they create the reactions themselves?

And they get to enjoy the fruits of their labour afterwards 😊.


Primary school science workshops in London

If your school is based in London, Herts or Essex, these interactive workshops are for you. I’ll bring all the necessary ingredients for the session, including handouts and equipment if needed, all you need to do is provide the workspace and ovens.

Workshops can be booked as a one-off or a series that last all term or year. They can be tailored to suit any primary year group, ensuring that, as pupils progress up the school, the concepts they learn from the baking workshops are aligned to their educational outcomes.

“The baking workshop was fantastic! The children were able to bake healthy cupcakes and were able to understand the importance of each ingredient in the baking process.”

Suffolks Primary School

What do the kids say?

I know the children I work with thoroughly enjoy the sessions because they are happy, smiling and they always ask me when they’ll get to bake again. 

From Middle Eastern flatbreads to Ancient Egyptian honey cookies – contact me to find out what could be on your menu.

“My favourite part was when we made the cupcakes because it was really fun” 

Tia (Year 3)

“I enjoyed making the cakes” 

 La’Shaun (Year 3) 

Workshops may need to be adjusted to suit the needs of SEN children, so please get in touch via my contact form or email with your specific requirements.


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