Weddings can be the most expensive undertaking of your life and with the average UK wedding now topping £27k it isn’t surprising that some people find the prospect of planning their big day daunting.


Milestone birthdays look to be going the same way and people are spending more and more money on creating a memorable party or special event for everything from a sweet sixteen to eighty years or more!


Not many people can say money is no object when planning their wedding or big party. But there are a lot of people that are happy to pay a little more for a first-class product and experience.


Given the variety of special flavours and designs that are available to make your centrepiece cake dreams a reality, it is no wonder that you want a show-stopping bespoke creation. But what happens when you have a tight budget or when an affordable wedding is paramount?


As a cake designer it is my job to ensure your expectations are managed and I am able to adapt designs in order to fit your budget requirements.


A popular choice can be customising a basic cake to make it individual and tailored to your theme or vision.


Below are my suggestions for customising a pre-decorated cake either as a way to incorporate a theme, create a striking statement or add special personalisation.



Cake toppers – Personalised cake toppers can be a simple but effective solution. They are great as they are so easy to add to your cake. Simple ones that just say ‘Happy Birthday’ and are made using non-shed glitter card, instantly give your cake that wow factor. Bespoke versions made from mirror card or even laser cut acrylic are also available. Pre-made sugar toppers can be purchased for cupcakes too.



Toy figures – This option is especially good for little ones. Have you considered adding your child’s favourite toy figures to their birthday cake? The toys can then be kept for your child to play with. This is cheaper than having the figures made from sugar, which is a very labour intensive process. But remember not to use soft toys or anything that could contaminate the cake or get sticky and ruined!


Cake stands – Who said bigger is better? A small cake can still be impressive and as long as everyone you want to cater for gets a slice, this is an option for smaller weddings. Invest in an elaborate cake stand for your cake to sit on. This will add height and elegance to your cake. If you don’t want to buy one outright you can always hire one.





Ribbons – Are an ideal way to add a touch of sparkle to your cake. You can go with glitter or bling ribbons and really turn heads too. Just take a look at your local haberdashery to see what they have on offer.



Edible images – Photos and pictures can be printed onto an edible medium, usually an icing sheet or wafer paper, using a printer with food colouring. The image is then removed from its backing and added to the cake. Personally I find icing sheets much easier to work with and the quality of the printed image is also much better.



Flowers – A simply decorated tiered wedding cake can be jazzed up using sugar, silk or fresh flowers. Pre-made sugar flower sprays can be found in specialist cake decorating shops or for more difficult arrangements get in touch with a cake designer. I have made a variety of particularly complex species and would be happy to help. If using fresh flowers make sure to use a non-toxic species that have been organically grown.


If you want a show stopping cake but have budget restraints, don’t worry – I may be able to help. Get in touch to discuss.


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