Yes.. I know… you’ve heard it a hundred times before, but here it is again, ‘Your wedding day will be over before you know it’. All that planning and organising, months of consultations and discussions over.. oh so quickly.  You will of course be left with the most amazing memories, and those memories don’t have to be just of the day itself. Enjoy planning your wedding and make it just as important as looking forward to enjoying the day itself.

Try to enjoy every moment!

Planning your wedding day should be a wonderful experience. Finalising each detail should build a level of excitement and anticipation, that is only surpassed by seeing all those elements come together on the day. Creating your perfect wedding that you’ve dreamed of for months…..even years.

Involve those close to you in the decision making processes, show them that you value their opinion and feedback and create those memories with them.

Last year I held a cake consultation where the bride to be attended with her parents.. She arrived with lots of questions, and ideas as she had already done a fair bit of research. At least half the session was spent discussing her ideas, with her parents also providing valuable input.  When it came to the tasting part of the consultation they decided to have a ‘bake off’ style tasting session, they made extensive notes and added commentary throughout. It really was THE most memorable consultation I’ve ever held, if not a bit daunting! Don’t be afraid to do things a bit differently and add your own unique twists, this helps the planning feel less like a chore.  

Cake samples for a consultation

Finding enjoyment in planning your wedding also means that your stress levels will be kept in check as you approach your wedding day. Which means you’ll get to enjoy your day and be in a better position to handle any unexpected surprises.

For a stress free cake selection process: 

Delegate where you can – Ask your maid of honour, mum, future Mother in Law, husband to be, to do the initial research for a cake designer. Arm them with some basic information regarding cake preferences, including how many guests it needs to serve and any dietary requirements and have them compile a list of potential people to arrange a consultation with.

Spend an evening designing your wedding cake with your husband to be – Incorporate things that are meaningful to the both of you, right down to the flavours. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are rumoured to be having a banana flavoured wedding cake when they tie the knot this year, as they both love the fruit. If it’s good enough for royalty!

Your sketch doesn’t have to be a work of art! As long as you can explain it to a cake designer, that’s all that’s required. You’ll end up with a completely unique cake that will be so meaningful to both of you. Frame your sketch alongside a photo of the final cake to create a great keepsake.

For more tips on selecting your dream wedding cake download my free e-book.

Design your own unique cake.




























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