6 Essential Baking Tools to Start Baking.


Images of the essential baking tools. Scales, measuring spoons, bowls, cutlery, spatulas, baking trays

Contrary to what you see on TV baking shows your essential baking tools don’t need to be fancy or expensive, especially if you’re just starting. The majority of baking gadgets out there are designed to improve speed and ease but that doesn’t mean baking is impossible without them. Bakers have been doing their thing for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians and Romans were all accomplished bakers, and they didn’t have Kitchen Aids or self-leveling measuring cups, and yes these are actually a thing!


You already own most of the tools you need.


An all singing and dancing stand mixer is a lovely nice to have but it’s a big investment to make before you know if baking is your cup of tea. There’s nothing worse than seeing those ‘must have’ baking gadgets gathering dust in the back of your kitchen cupboards. The truly essential baking tools, are common kitchen items that you already own. And if you don’t, the items on the list below are inexpensive additions.


Not having the right baking tools shouldn’t be an obstacle for you. If it is, you’re about to leap over that hurdle and find yourself one step closer to achieving your baking goals. Whether you want to bake cookies and cupcakes with the kids, or bake for relaxation and to meet your own dietary needs. This list of essential baking tools is all you need to get started, plus ingredients of course. 😊


I’ve intentionally kept this list to the bare minimum. There is a whole lot more I could have added under the guise of ‘essential’, but baking isn’t and shouldn’t be that complicated.

It’s supposed to be fun.

So get stuck in use what you have and enjoy!!

And no, ‘oven’ isn’t on the list, because I think that’s a given. 😊


Minimal Baking Tools = Minimal Work

The recipes I enjoy baking the most, the ones I use in my school baking workshops, rely on very few specialist baking tools. Unnecessary baking gadgetry means

  • You’ll need more storage.
  • You’ll create more washing up.
  • It’ll be more expensive.
  • It’ll take you longer to get started. 

All of this is extra time, work, and money.

If your baking gadgets are in the far flung depths of your cupboards this becomes another obstacle.




Here are the 6 Essential Baking Tools You Need to Start Baking


Weighing scales

My preference for measuring ingredients is weighing scales. More accurate than measuring cups and when it comes to baking, accuracy is key. I love these scales, https://amzn.to/3p9dc6Q, they can take a lot of weight, they weigh in 1g increments, and have different units of measurements including lbs and ozs, ml and fl ozs. So no need for separate measuring jugs. 

Measuring spoons

Your basic kitchen cutlery is fine for most things but measuring out those key baking ingredients like raising agents needs to be precise. Using too much can affect the taste of your bake and too little will affect the rise and structure. This is why I highly suggest making a set of decent measuring spoons one of your essential baking tools. Look for a set that includes ⅛ tsp, ¼ tsp, ½ tsp, 1 tsp, ½ tbsp, 1 tbsp. These ones are perfect and include a tiny leveling rule, meaning you don’t need to use your finger!  https://amzn.to/34xVvEG 

Selection of bowls

Three or four different sized bowls. Necessary for mixing batters, doughs, or just to hold ingredients or even dirty utensils. They don’t need to be pretty. They don’t need to match. You can even repurpose your cereal and salad bowls. They just need to be large enough for the contents they will be holding. 

Basic cutlery

Spoons, forks, and knives. Basic cutlery is perfect for scooping out ingredients, portioning blocks of butter, and light whisking of ingredients. No need for special purchases, just use your everyday cutlery.

Wooden or silicone spatulas

Basic cutlery can most definitely be used for adding and combining ingredients but when it’s time to get that batter into the cake tin, spatulas are perfectly designed to scoop ingredients out of every nook of the bowl, so there’s no waste. Before purchasing make sure they are made from durable material as some of the softer silicone ones can break and split. 

Baking trays and tins

Once you’ve diligently weighed and mixed, you’ll need something to bake on or in. Baking trays can be anything from flat oven trays, for cookies and free-form loaves of bread to cupcake trays and cake tins for cupcakes, mini pastries, and cakes and shaped loaves. Your oven trays are easily repurposed for cookies and loaves just line with greaseproof paper or a silicone baking mat.

Need to add cupcake trays and cake tins to your kit?

Silicone varieties save on cupboard space as they can be rolled and squeezed into small gaps.

Silicone cupcake tray https://amzn.to/34yTSXc 6” round silicone cake tin https://amzn.to/34EE4SK 


Just 6 items! 

I deliberately haven’t included electric mixers. They do make light of heavy mixing work, but if you’re just starting to venture into the world of baking my advice would be to take time to find good recipes that aren’t dependant on them, like my dairy free and egg free chocolate cupcakes recipe HERE.

Learn what you like to bake, and how you like to bake. You can then invest in a mixer that suits your baking needs. 


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