Do I Have to Follow a Trend?

At the start of every year there’s always the usual predictions for the years next big trends.  It occurs in every industry, from shoes and handbags to mobile phones, and wedding cakes are no exception. From nature to fashion and modern art, wedding cake designers take their cues from anywhere and everywhere! Wedding cake trends are great for giving you general ideas and providing you with a burst of inspiration, but ultimately your wedding cake should be about what you, and the person you are marrying, love, like and want.

The good news is that whilst there are some definite trends which don’t really seem to get off the ground, remember the whoopie pie??….. NO…. didn’t think so, there are others which go from strength to strength, which provides great scope for customisation.

Each of the wedding cake trends that follow, or themes as I prefer to call them, lend themselves well to adaptation, so you can put your own unique mark on the design. Themes can also be applicable to the flavour profile, because it goes without saying, that the cake must always taste as good as it looks.

Modern Elegance

A classic theme in my opinion. If you’re looking to go for a cake that is simple, clean and elegant with some contemporary accents, then look for sharp edges, straight lines and tall tiers. Predominantly white or pale coloured cakes, with perhaps one tier in a complimentary pastel colour. Include monograms and subtle geometric design elements, and/or statement sugar flowers to make it unique to you.

Modern elegant cake featuring statement sugar flowers in pastel tones.


Always a firm favourite for cakes, from fresh flowers and succulents to sugar representations of the real thing. Flowers and succulents work really well on all types of cakes, fondant covered or rustic buttercream. Select blooms that you love and of course make sure your cake designer is using non toxic flower species, preferably organically grown, which they are making food safe.  Check out this post for more information regarding this.

Fresh flowers featured on a fondant covered cake

Brush Strokes

The delicate brush strokes on these cakes are made from chocolate. Use colours that are already present within your wedding colour palette, or go for completely different colours to make the cake really stand out! Whatever works for you. Dress up the brush strokes with edible bling, gold or silver leaf or metallic dusts if that’s more your thing.

Pinterest – Brush Stroke Cakes


The small but mighty cupcake! It’s been around for a while now and it only gets better. A selection of cupcakes on your wedding day gives you so much scope to work with, from design, to packaging and most importantly taste. A variety of flavours based around one specific theme provides an amazing taste experience for your guests. Imagine a dessert table filled with cupcakes based on your favourite puddings, lemon meringue pie, Black Forest gateaux, sticky toffee pudding, or perhaps your favourite cocktails, cosmopolitan, mojito, pina colada…..You can really let your imagination run wild with this theme.

Blue and White Wedding Cupcakes Enfield

Dessert Tables

Just can’t decide what you want? Then go for a dessert table featuring several of your favourite cakes and sweet treats. From cheesecakes to macarons. Or make your guests truly feel part of your day and invite them to bring a little something to add to the table. A great way to bring everyone together and get them talking over cake.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that it’s given you some ideas for your wedding cake options. Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you’d like more useful tips and advice then sign up for my free ebook




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