So you’ve ticked off a few items on your wedding to do list, and now its time for the cake, but where do you start? You’ve no idea about cake, design, colours or flavours. It can be overwhelming. Do not worry. I’ve put together a collection of tips that will help you find inspiration for your cake. Long gone are the days when a wedding cake was an all white, tiered, fruit cake, you can draw inspiration for your cake from almost anything and anywhere, and these tips will be your guide!

The Internet – Now this seems like the most obvious place to start, but a word of caution, there are probably millions of images of cakes on the internet. It’s very easy to spend hours gazing at numerous pictures and still end up no closer to what you want. So why not focus your browsing.

Pinterest is the perfect social media tool for images. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it’s a free website that requires registration to use, but once you’ve registered you can upload, save, sort, and manage images, known as pins, through collections known as pinboards. Your Pinterest friends can see your boards, or you can create a secret board that only you can see. Why not create a board for any images of wedding cakes that you find, all your images will be in one place and easily shared.

The Dress – By the time you start thinking about the wedding cake, you’ve more than likely already chosen your dress. Your dress could be a perfect source of inspiration for your cake. The cake design can be based entirely on the dress, or elements of the dress can be incorporated into the overall design. From edible lace, brush embroidery and sugar diamonds, these are all elements that can be included in a cake design to give a really couture feel to your cake that will perfectly compliment your dress. Just remember that if your husband to be is attending your cake consultation with you, either send pictures of your dress to the designer beforehand or discuss the dress elements at a separate time, so your hubby doesn’t find out about your dress!

The Flowers – Continue your flower theme right through to the cake. If roses and tulips are your flowers of choice, then why not add these in some way to the cake design? If you’re not keen on having the flowers present on the cake in either sugar, silk or real form, then there are some beautiful designs of hand painted cakes, that look like amazing watercolour works of art. This style of cake decorating lends itself perfectly to florals. Ensure that your cake designer is experienced in painting on cakes, it is a very particular skill that not everyone can do well, me included!

The Venue – Consider your venue when making your wedding cake choice. If your getting married in a grand setting, then a one or two tiered cake may get lost in the surroundings. Are there any elements in the architecture of the venue that could be used in the cake design? If you have them, show your cake designer pictures of the venue and they will be able to put forward some suggestions as to how to include them in the design.

The Couple – Last but not least, you and your hubby to be are probably where you can draw the most inspiration. From the flavours of the cake, to the colours, to your hobbies. Your cake should be a reflection of your personalities. Perhaps a formal stacked vintage style wedding cake, just isn’t for you, and it doesn’t have to be. Your cake can be as whimsical or as traditional as you want it to be. If your favourite flavour is chocolate and your fiance’s is carrot cake, than have a tier of each, as part of the cake. If your partner is an avid footy fan then why not have a modelled figure of your partner in their favourite teams kit. Traditionally cutting the wedding cake is the first job that you’ll do as a married couple, so why not make the cake about the two of you.

I hope these tips help you to start the process of choosing your wedding cake, and if your unsure of how much cake you’ll need and the best shapes that will maximise your budget, then check out our ‘At a glance wedding cake portion cake guide.’

Along with these tips you’ll be in a perfect position to get your perfect wedding cake.



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